Myths About Bail Bonds

Bondsmen make getting out of jail so much easier. Most people use their services to get out of jail after an arrest and so should you. They make the bonding process cheaper and much easier so you can get the freedom back that you want. However, there are tons of myths surrounding bonds that you should know ahead of time. Below you will find some of the most common myths that are out there. Don’t believe the hype and get to the truth of the matter!

Myth 1: Bail Bonds are Cash Only

This is a big myth! Although cash is the preferred option for most any bondsman scranton pa, credit and debit is also accepted. Financing may also be available. Property bonds are also an option, with most bonding companies accepting any items of value.

Myth 2: Only Family Members Can Post My Bond

You will need someone to sign your bond, but despite popular belief, anyone can sign the bond, not just a family member. This can be a friend, neighbor, or anyone else that trusts you enough to sign on the dotted line.

Myth 3: Bondsman Can Negotiate the Bond Amount

Although it is nice to think that a bondsman has this type of power, the truth is that a bondsman has no power to negotiate the bond amount. Whatever amount the judge has ordered is the amount that you must post to get out of jail.

Myth 4: There are No Rules to a Bond

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There are rules in life no matter what you do. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the bond before you sign a contract. Once your name is on the dotted line, there is no going back, even if you discover incorrect information or details that you don’t agree with later.