When Do You need an Employment Attorney?

An employment attorney helps individuals facing a variety of employment-related issues. There are many occasions in which you need to hire this expert to help your matter. When such a cause arises, don’t miss out on the expertise this professional brings to you. When is it ideal to hire an employment law attorney orlando fl?


employment law attorney orlando fl

Sometimes it is burning questions that cause the need to phone a lawyer. They can certainly provide peace of mind by providing answers to the many questions that you likely have on your mind. Don’t guess the answers when so much is on the line.

Work Violations

It is illegal to work ‘off the clock’ or without being paid for the time that you work. If you have been asked to work off the clock or have done this but cannot recoup the money that you are owed, a lawyer is there to help.

Wrongful Termination

If you’ve been terminated from your position due to discriminatory reasons, it is time to speak to an attorney to learn what actions you can take. You should not take this matter lightly.

Overtime Pay

Workers who work over 40 hours in a work week are entitled to overtime pay which currently stands at time and one-half their current hourly rate. If you have worked overtime but haven’t received proper wales, speak to an attorney.


If you have lost your job or have endured other stressors at work due to retaliatory means, you should speak to an attorney to learn what to do next. It is illegal for a company to fire you in retaliation for something that’s occurred on the job. Don’t take this situation to heart but don’t let the employer get away with what they are trying to do.